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Red Hills Ecoplex

Red Hills Ecoplex - Pensacola & Hwy 9

Red Hills Ecoplex – Pensacola & Hwy 9

Property Details

Location: Pensacola and Hwy 9
GIS mapping and details 

  • Vacant land
  • 137 acres available
  • For sale or lease
  • Divisible
  • Zoned industrial light


  • Electricity: 4-County EPA
    • KVA and Voltage: multiple choice
    • Phase III
  • Natural gas: City of Weir
    • 16-inch line
  • Sewer: On-site
    • 8-inch line
  • Water: On-site
    • 8-inch line
  • Telecommunications: AT&T
Red Hills Ecoplex

Red Hills Ecoplex



Distance to Major Markets


The primary components of the infrastructure installed in the Ecoplex include:

  • 3,200 linear feet of roadway
  • 6,150 linear feet of water main
  • 2,400 linear feet of sewer lines, a pump station and force main
  • 2 cleared sites of about 2.5 acres each

The Ecoplex – Industrial Ecology At Work

The Red Hills Ecoplex is an industrial ecology project comprised of 137 acres, created to build a network of environmentally friendly industries around the anchor tenants, the Red Hills Power Plant and the Red Hills Mine, to maximize community benefits.  Companies that locate in the Red Hills Ecoplex might participate in exchange of by-products, whereby one company’s by-product becomes another company’s source of energy or another product.  Given the right mix of tenants, the Ecoplex mimics a natural, efficient ecosystem.  By working together, the community of businesses sees a collective benefit that is greater than the sum of individual benefits each company would realize by only optimizing its individual performance. View an illustrative example of potential by-product exchanges.


Southern Company Power Plant

  • 440-megawatt lignite-fired facility
  • Clean-coal technology
  • Supplies electricity to Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) – 30-year contract
  • Owned by Southern Company
  • Production began in April of 2002
  • Keeps airborne ozone precursors extremely low
  • Has world’s largest circulating fluidized bed machine

Choctaw Gas Generation

  • 700-megawatt steam-electric power plant
  • Powered by dual natural gas-fired turbines
  • At full-capacity, produces enough power to supply 576,000 homes
  • Zero-liquid discharge facility
  • 11 employees
  • Merchant plant – power sales not guaranteed and market conditions dictate the  sale
  • Production began in January of 2007

Mississippi Lignite Mining Company

  • Supplies lignite coal to Red Hills Power Plant
  • Affiliate of North American Coal Corporation
  • Permitted area of 5,830 acres with over 200 million tons of mineable lignite

Potential Tenants

Because the EcoPlex is still in the developmental stages, companies who come aboard now could have significant input into the overall development of the facility, maximizing benefits for their firms. Prospective companies will be carefully screened to ensure the final make-up of the EcoPlex will be beneficial for every tenant. Companies chosen must meet specific technical criteria and have particular infrastructure needs that make a location within the EcoPlex advantageous not only for that company, but for other EcoPlex tenants. Complementary tenant industries could include, but are not limited to, firms specializing in:

Food and Kindred Products

  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Cultivation
  • Aquaculture
  • Pork and Beef Processing
  • Feed Milling

Lumber, Wood Products, and Furniture

  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Solid Wood Products
  • Download a Forestry Inventory (30-mile and 50-mile procurement radius)

Paper and Allied Products

  • Pulp and Paper Products
  • Agricultural Fiber Panels

Stone, Clay, and Concrete Products

  • Brick Making
  • Gypsum Wallboard Manufacturing
  • Concrete Mixing
  • Limestone Crushing
  • Commercial Applications of Lignite and Power Plant By-products

Other Industries

  • Carbon Dioxide Recovery
  • Agricultural-Based Organic Chemical Products
  • Automotive Parts Supply
  • Fertilizer Production
  • Textile Milling

Benefits of the EcoPlex

Companies locating in the EcoPlex may qualify for state or federal environmental technology grants and regulatory allowances, as well as incentive programs based on industrial ecology, energy-efficiency, and environmental design.

The State of Mississippi has set aside $1.5 million for infrastructure improvements for the facility, potentially including water resources, access roads, natural gas, and rail service.

The area is home to an abundant, competitively-skilled work force. The area within a 50-mile radius of the EcoPlex has a population exceeding 220,000, with a civilian labor force of more than 110,000. Labor costs are competitive.

On another level, a location in the EcoPlex earns your firm the recognition and goodwill that comes from being an environmentally-friendly company.

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