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Workforce Data

Labor Force Status (2010)

StatusNumber of peoplePercent of the population
Total Labor Force3,921
In Armed Forces2
Not in Labor Force3,308

Total Employees by Major SIC (2010)

Major SICTotal EmployeesPercent of Total Employees
Agricultural, Forestry, Fishing (SIC Range 01-09) 140.66
Mining (SIC 10-14) 1507.11
Construction (SIC 15-17) 30.14
Manufacturing (SIC 20-39) 1145.41
Transportation and Communications (SIC 40-49) 1145.41
Wholesale Trade (SIC 50-51) 261.23
Retail Trade (SIC 52-59) 1436.78
Finance, Insurance And Real Estate (SIC 60-69) 341.61
Services (SIC 70-89) 1,32662.87
Public Administration (SIC 90-98) 1838.68
Unclassified (SIC 99) 20.09

Total Establishments by Size (2010)

Size of BusinessNumber of BusinessesPercent of Total Businesses
1-4 Employees11861.46
5-9 Employees4020.83
10-19 Employees199.9
20-49 Employees42.08
50-99 Employees63.13
100-249 Employees42.08
250-499 Employees10.52

Total Employees by Establishment Type - Selected Listing (2010)

For the full listing, download the Labor Force Report (PDF, 136 KB)
Establishment TypeNumber of EmployeesPercent of Total Employees
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing50.24
Agricultural Services90.43
Coal and Ore Mining1507.11
Heavy Construction30.14
Food Manufacturing60.28
Lumber and Wood Production271.28
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing713.37
Banks and Financial Institutions200.95
Hotels and Lodging44421.05
Health and Medical Services562.66

Total Employees by Occupation (2010)

OccupationNumber of EmployeesPercent of Total Employees
Executive, Managers, and Administrators 1718.11
Professional Specialty Occupations 41419.63
Sales Professionals 200.95
Technologies and Technicians 612.89
Sales Workers and Clerks 1155.45
Administrative Support Workers 32315.32
Technical, Sales, and Administrative: Field Occupations 100.47
Protective Services 291.38
Other Services: Site Based 40719.3
Other Services: Field Based 50.24
Farming, Forestry, and Fishing 612.89
Precision, Craft, and Repair: Site Based 1677.92
Construction, Repair, and Mining: Field Based 1175.55
Machine Operators, Assemblers, and Inspectors 502.37
Transportation and Materials Moving Workers 1034.88
Handlers, Helpers and Laborers 542.56
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