Incentives for Expansion

Choctaw County Tax Advantages for Existing Businesses

Choctaw County is classified as a Tier Three County (view map), meaning businesses creating jobs in Choctaw County are eligible for the highest level of  financial advantages from the state of Mississippi.

  • No sales tax for direct purchase of construction materials, machinery or equipment for qualified businesses (learn more about the Sales and Use Tax Exemption)
  • Rebates for a percentage of the Mississippi payroll for the creation of new jobs for qualified businesses (learn more about the Advantage Jobs Incentive Program)
  • Tax credit of 10% of payroll for creation of 10 or more new jobs for qualifying businesses (learn more about theJobs Tax Credit)

State Financial Incentives for Expansion of Existing Mississippi Businesses

Mississippi has a variety of incentives including grants, loans, tax credits, and other programs for existing businesses expanding their facilities or workforce. The following is a selected list of programs. For a full listing, visit the Mississippi Development Authority’s website.

Summary of Some of the Business Benefits from Mississippi Tax Advantages

Sales Tax Benefits

  • No sales tax on raw materials, chemicals for processing, or materials for packaging
  • Low 1.5% sales tax on industrial electricity, natural gas, and other fuels
  • Low 1.5% sales tax for manufacturers on machinery and parts

State Income Tax Credits

Property Tax Exemptions

  • Exemptions from county property taxes are available for qualified businesses, with the exception of  school taxes
  • Exemptions of property taxes on finished goods are available through a Free Port Warehouse Law for qualified industries