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Choctaw County, Mississippi, Highways

Map of Choctaw County, Mississippi, Highways

Interstate 55

  • Runs along the north-south corridor from Illinois to Louisiana
  • About 40 miles to the west of Choctaw County
  • Connected to Choctaw County by Mississippi Highway 12 and US Highway 82

Interstate 20

  • A major east-west transportation artery
  • Linked to Choctaw County by Mississippi Highway 15

Interstate 22

  • Accessed by US 45 Alt
  • 80 miles from Ackerman
  • Runs east-west from Memphis, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama

Mississippi Highway 25

  • A four-lane highway providing direct access to Jackson
  • Accessed by Mississippi Highway 15
  • About 4 miles south of Choctaw County

U.S Highway 82

  • A four-lane east-west transportation artery
  • At the northern border of Choctaw County
  • Linked by Mississippi Highway 9 which originates in Ackerman

The Natchez Trace Parkway

  • A scenic, non-commercial route from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN



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