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County Profile

Choctaw County has three primary population centers.  The county seat of Ackerman is known for its downtown business center and beautiful nearby Choctaw Lake.  Weir is a charming community of historical significance, and on the scenic Natchez Trace, French Camp boasts the modern Rainwater Observatory and French Camp Academy.


Choctaw County has a mild climate with warm, humid summers and cool, moderate winters. See a table of average annual temperatures and rainfall.

Cost of Living

With a competitive wage scale and construction costs that are typically 70 to 80 percent of the national average, the cost of living in Choctaw County is generally less than that of counties in neighboring states. Learn more about the cost of living in Choctaw County.

Local Government

The county has a five member Board of Supervisors while the municipalities in the county have a mayor/alderman system of government. Learn more about government in Choctaw County.

Religious Life

Family values are strong here and churches are vibrant.   Whether greeting a newcomer at a social gathering, enjoying a round of golf, or relaxing at Choctaw Lake, the people of Choctaw County have been described as some of the friendliest that you will ever meet.   View a list of area churches.

Health Care

A modern hospital, county medical center, and nursing home provide care for Choctaw County’s citizens.  Learn more about health care in Choctaw County.

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